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someone put one of my songs on their spotify playlist. I then became suspicious when the number of followers increased extremely in a short time. I suspect that it was a bot playlist (but i don't know for sure because im not an expert for that). After one week all this was stopped. I would like to ask spotify to delete the plays, streams and followers that resulted from this. I do not want to receive followers, streams, income etc. from plays in a bot playlist that I unknowingly got caught on. Can you help me there?  Thanks a lot!

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Hey @summerdancepro,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! Can you specifically tell me if this is the playlist you created or is this someone's playlist? Thanks!


Have a wonderful day.

It was a playlist someone else created. In the meantime i contacted the spotify artist support via email and they said, they look after it. Thanks so far!

Hi! to Everyone on this thread - there is a new idea 'a way for artists to remove their songs from a specific playlist' that they suspect of being botted. Please go and show it some love

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