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Song being botted?

Song being botted?

Hi all, 


Ive already emailed spotify for artists but I figured id ask here too.

Im a very small artist, I usually have around 6-7 listeners at once, maybe a maximum of 15?


This morning I woke up and I seem to have a steady "120 people currently listening" on my newest track... the track only had like 1.4k plays, we did feature a fairly large artist in the scene but its been out for almost a week now and the plays were OK at best.


Im nervous someone has purchased bots for the track? The number is a steady 120 exactly, and it has fluctuated once or twice in the last 2 hours but the steady 120 makes me a little nervous that someone is botting my music an a malicious attempt? Id hate to lose the small following ive organically built.


I DO hope the plays are real but something here stinks...


Any advice? Anyone ever have a similar issue? 


Thank you! Sincerely,

Concerned musician! 

19 Replies

I'm also getting 120 listeners on my artist section.. 

Very strange.

I think we may have found a bug! 

Yep.., I'm seeing the same.
At first I thought "nice" 😁
But the stream numbers didn't change that quick. 

I'm getting the same thing, it's jumped from 120 to 144 now. Must be a bug, but was very exciting for a second. 

Hey concerned musician,


I also am a concerned musician.

Same thing has happened to me today. I was very excited but also very suspicious. I am going to contact spotify now.


It's probably happening to many smaller artists like us out there!


I'm gonna keep this chat close by to see how many more people post the same activity.


Thanks for posting. 

Same here. Steady 120 and not moving, I got really hyped for a second 😞

Me too.  120

It's happening to me as well

It's happening to me as well.. It went to 240 people listening, then to 220 and then back to 120 people listening now... It's been up for an hour now

Just came in to say the same thing is happening on my Spotify for Artist page. “120 listeners”. Hope it doesn’t mess anything up

Same thing. 120, then 240, back to 120 without the streams on my newest release budging past the norm, which is why I was suspicious of it.

Same thing happen to us today 120

It is happening to my page also! Released a new song Oct 2nd and this afternoon I noticed the 120. Which was a strange number ex specially since the whole 120 left my page at the same time. Keep me informed on should I contact Spotify

Yeah, it's happening to my bands' music as well. It went from 3 listeners now to 120 listeners now. It was exciting for a second.

Yes same here then when down to just 2 back to reality 

Hello! I've been experiencing the same issue. My group is relatively small and we've been experiencing a huge influx of plays ever since the 13th. This song came out in May and wasn't extremely popular, so it's been really puzzling why there has been a big audience on it now in October. Neither me or my music partner have purchased any sort of fake plays or payed for any playlist placements for this song.

The song has gained almost 250 streams since then (a large number for us), and each of them appears to be a unique listener. 

I really just don't want there to be any issues in the future for the Spotify Editorial Playlists or anything like you that, you know? 

I'm a tiny bit concerned, but if they are organic plays, that's awesome.

Let me know what you think and if you've figured out anything, thank you. 

day 1 - 20 monthly listeners

day 2 - 81

day 3 - 173

so strange

I just started using United masters . I paid for the full terms and support. Then I saw a add saying I could get my roosfile added to a playlist. Ima like ok cool . I paid then few days later numbers started growing . Is this normal am I the only one ?  I have a 13k fan base on Instagram (@1804cowboy) but  my fans don’t support like that 😭.


Everyone on this thread - there is a new idea 'a way for artists to remove their songs from a specific playlist' that they suspect of being botted. Please go and show it some love

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