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Can i sugest a song?

Can i sugest a song?

if i can, can u put miss I wanna-die by JUBYPHONIC

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nice playlist

Alexis, you did not post your song link. We'd love to take a listen and consider adding it to one of our playlists. We build artist communities like this one:

I agree I love that song and it really manes me sad that Spotify  doesn't have it please add it. I also want to see Salt by Ava Max on there please.

Not to be a party pooper or anything but Miss-Wanna-Die isn't JubyPhonic's original song. It's an English cover of a song called Shinitai-Chan (which is Japanese for I want to die-chan). The reason that I'm guessing JubyPhonic hasn't uploaded her cover of Shinitai-Chan is because of copyright reasons due to it not being an original song. Chances are if she tried to upload her cover, Himeringo (the artist of Shinitai-Chan) would take it down. Anyways that's just my assumption as to why Miss Wanna Die isn't on Spotify yet. Hope I cleared things up for you!!

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