Chance The Rapper-Blessings (reprise) broken

Chance The Rapper-Blessings (reprise) broken

In the album "Coloring Book" by Chance the rapper, the final track "Blessings (reprise) just plays the previous track with the same name. Both tracks are suppose to be different but when you play either song that has Blessings on it, it plays the same song.
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Hey @Mattmeza123, welcome to the Communtiy!


Can you send us the Spotify URI of the tracks and tell us the country where you're located? Just right click the tracks and copy the URI.


Looking forward to hearing back from you. 

one that should be changed:

one that is correct:


this is a problem in the united states

Thanks @jettmane!


We've reported this to our Content team and they'll be working on it. 


We'll keep you updated.

works on my phone but this issue happens on my computer

Still hasn't been fixed computer

What's good here? I can't end the album listening to the same darn Jamila Woods Blessings, no disrespect to Jamila, but Blessings (reprise) is so darn precious. Chance would be livid to hear of this. Please fix this, I am not the same without my reprise fix. Sincerely, computer users nation-wide. One love.  

I am having the same problem. BTW i am in the UK

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in switzerland i have this ssue too

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