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Christian Rap disappeared from Liked Songs

Christian Rap disappeared from Liked Songs






Samsung Galaxy 7

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My Question or Issue

For a few months, the new Liked Songs categories was one of my favorite features ever. Clicking a genre that pulled exclusively from my Liked library? Awesome.


Better yet, I found a little bonus feature for my "Rap" and "Hip Hop" categories. If I turned off explicit content, it was basically all Christian rap music.

But then, starting a few months ago and still today, whenever I click either of those categories in my Liked songs, there really isn't any Christian rap at all. Artists like nobigdyl, indie tribe, Mission, KB, Jon Keith, etc, they're gone.


Some of their songs show up in the "Spiritual" or "Worship" categories, but I don't exactly want to listen to stadium worship and folk music I've liked when I want to listen to a bunch of rap for a while.


Even the "Gospel" category basically only has Lecrae and songs from Snoop Dogg's gospel album.


If I want to listen to all my liked Christian rap on the fly - even if it were mixed in with my liked Eminem, Kid Cudi, etc - it's just not possible. I need to build and maintain separate playlists now.


So... I'm not sure if a separate category could be built or what, but I basically don't even use these features anymore when I suddenly can't listen to all my favorite music.

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Wow, on the reverse side, I’m an alt Christian artist trying to find listeners and I don’t know how to find my peeps. Of published tunes, I’ve got just one 80’s style hop hop tune that might work for you called Trust The Lord, with smith jazz artist Jay Rowe and Rohn Lawrence.  If this fits your drift, let me know and I’ll look to writing more in this style,



bruce a barrett 

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