[Community][Other] Neil Young Discount

[Community][Other] Neil Young Discount


As Neil Young's music makes up 5% of my listening on Spotify, I expect a 5% discount on my subscription until such time as his music is returned. 

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Maybe you should ask the fascist Neil Young for your money back.

Truly disturbing that our nation has reached this point so quickly--a mob of mindless robots so easily manipulated into demanding attacks on their own rights to free speech.  So quick to do the bidding of the authoritarians and lynch anybody who dare even question the narrative. We're in serious trouble unless people start waking up.

Protect free speech.


There are a bunch of other streaming services that pay artists WAY better than Spotify does! If you want to keep your playlists, it's super easy to download an app or use a website to transfer your playlist from Spotify to whatever service you would choose to switch to. I definitely encourage doing so to keep Young's music!



Spotify massively underpays actual musical artists, but is willing to establish a $100 mil deal to endorse and promote the massive spread of blatant and intentional disinformation, which is quite literally killing people and assisting in the decline of American democracy. Spotify has already removed over 20,000 other podcast episodes for COVID disinformation, which is totally appropriate, yet they won't touch Rogan. There is a massive difference between having opposing viewpoints and intentionally spreading deadly disinformation. This is not cancelling anything, and Spotify is not supporting free speech anything. This is asking Spotify, a huge company with a large base of consumers, to stop investing in and endorsing the spread of outright, blatant, intentional, harmful lies.


Not only this, but I was on with several customer support representatives for several hours today, and all but 1 was rude and dismissive regarding this. This company has showed its true colors. I have already canceled my subscription, closed my account (had to open a new one to participate here, but will be deleting shortly), and moved all my playlists over to a different platform for free. Bye Spotify!


Cancelled today. I live in Sweden and have never heard of Joe Rogan. Neil Young I've listened to for 40 years

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