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Curated Spotify Playlist

Curated Spotify Playlist


I wanted to know if for certain playlists Spotify creates they can add the date it was updated? For Ex. RapCaviar and Housewerk do not have a sort option nor does it provide info when it was last updated. Is this possible to implement? I'm glad that you have the option to hide songs within these playlists so please keep that option in tact.

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Hi there @Rudy_0419,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


Unfortunately, this option isn't available at the moment.


However, the community has a great space called "Ideas".

I'd recommend you follow the instructions given here and learn how to submit your idea.

This way, users around the community will be able to add their +VOTE and promote your idea.


Furthermore, if you having doubts regarding the process, feel free reading here on how your feedback reaches the Spotify teams.


Hope this helps 🙂

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