Daily Mix Algorithm Update :(


Daily Mix Algorithm Update :(

Casual Listener

I think a recent algorithm update ruined my Daily Mix playlists. Anyone else?


In the past few weeks I noticed significant changes in my Daily Mixes, which I listen to daily, for years now. Prior to the change, I was really impressed with how well Spotfy was able to categorize playlists. But now it seems like Spotify is blending all my music together. For example, I listen to focus / concentration playlists for a good portion of my day. Then I switch over to a specific sub genre of Christian Hip/Hop. Occasionally I listen to more mainstram Christian songs. Now my playlists are blending all three types of music into a single playlist.


I don't think the problem is Spotify having a lack of history or feedback from me. Spotify has already shown that they have sufficient info to organize my taste. But now, it seems like a significant decrease in accuracy. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any fixes besides the common response I see of using the heart and cancel icons more proactivly?