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Deep forest album

Deep forest album

Hello. I've recently have been going over deep forest album and they have one missing. Its my favorite one so seeing it disapear is pretty sad. The album is called Deep Forest by deep forest. I have one of the songs from the album saved to my playlist but as soon as i click it to go to the album page it redirects me to artists main page. Was the album deleted?

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Hi there.


You can download the song from spotify, and import it. Make sure that it's a MP4 file. 

To get your local files to your smartphone, simply take your charger and plug it in to the computer. 🙂


Hope it answered your question.

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Hello. Thank you for the reply unfortunately i don't have the album saved or downloaded but i was able to find it thanks to the one of the songs that has been saved to my playlist. And it seems like the album was deleted, or is unavaiable. I have attached the screenshot and i hope that it comes back soon.


Deep forest.png

Maybe you Can try to import it from Youtube. Then download the video as a mp3 file 😉

World Mix was recently added to the Spotify library! Is that what you were looking for?

Yeah ive seen that Deep forest put that album back up. They took it down for some reason and now its back up. They probably had a reason for it. And yes that was the album i was looking for. The album was missing thats why i was confused.



They have deleted it again ! It's a shame 

It was back, but now it's gone again.
I had just added it to a playlist in April and I noticed it was gone a couple weeks ago.

I have found out that stuff like this happens with different albums. They get taken down then reuploaded back, its all about labelling. Maybe Deep Forest is creating a new contract for that, or maybe there will be a different label for that album. Who knows, but I am quite certain it will be back in time

Nice 👍

Thanks a bunch

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