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[Desktop] Make Announcements Personalized

[Desktop] Make Announcements Personalized

Personalize Announcements 



When you give me Announcements 

for artists I don't like

and don't follow

it feels like Advertisement


Announcements feel like Spotify got paid to promote


I don't want to remove the feature, I want it tailored to my taste


Hey in case you didn't know, promoting is advertising!!




Make Announcements Personalized

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Seriously. Like If a followed artist puts out a new track or album, why the **bleep** do I see**bleep** for Nicki Minaj, Who I have NEVER listened to. Please Spotify. I don't care if they don't even show up if there is nothing new, just make announcements in app for new tracks or even shows for followed artists. I BEG you. 

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