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[Desktop][Other] Fix Type O Negative Credits

[Desktop][Other] Fix Type O Negative Credits

The song Red Water (Christmas Mourning) by Type O Negative from the album October Rust (Special Edition) has an error in the credits. It should be 'Josh Silver' and not 'John Silver'. 

OCD is a thing and this lapse is clinical precision from Spotify is affecting mine. The only way this doesn't get sorted out is if Spotify as a company endorses the tormenting of the vigilant and obsessive! Speaking on behalf of the guild I'd like to advise that we get this error changed ASAP so that my world can go back to normal. I still wake up in cold sweats just thinking about the elusive 'John Silver'. Who is he? What did he do to Josh? Where did he come from? Where did he go? What does Cotton Eye Joe have to do with any of this?

Let's get it fixed! 

Cheers in advance, 

Your pal forever, John...I mean... 

Sincerely, fix it. 

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