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[Desktop][Playlists] Allow Artists to Edit their Songs or Check for Replacement

[Desktop][Playlists] Allow Artists to Edit their Songs or Check for Replacement

Hi there, Spotify Devs!

I'm a pretty casual Spotify user, but I keep running into an annoying issue.

Sometimes I'll start scrolling through a playlist of my favorite songs and some will be missing! Sometimes this is because the artist has chosen to rename the song and re-upload it. Maybe they've made some touch-ups to the song mix, and that's why they're re-uploading their song. Or maybe the artist has taken their music down off of Spotify entirely. Whatever reason, this is frustrating for a fan of that song, who now has to check their page and try to figure out what happened to the music I like. I could spend hours listening to songs I don't recognize, trying to figure out if the missing one is disguised in there, but I'd rather be doing other things. And even if I do find it, I now have to try and add it to any playlists where I had the old song, and find the dud and remove it to clean up the list.

Now, I haven't uploaded music to Spotify, so I'm not sure what the options are when you upload, but if it's not easy to edit an existing song, switching out the album art, song title, details, or even the audio file, that could be why artists do swap out their music. If they don't have the opportunity to edit existing uploads, I'd like them to be able to do this.
If these options already exist and artists just don't use them, then maybe what would help could be an AI-assisted music-listening program which will check an artist's songs against other uploads of theirs. If it detects a strong enough correlation, it could give a notification to users who have the original song in their lists asking them to listen to the new one and decide whether to replace the original song with the new one in all playlists. (and an option nearby to re-listen to the original song would be nice, in case the listener has forgotten what the original sounded like)

This might be a fairly big ask, but it should be possible with existing technology.

Spotify Missing Songs v1.png
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Hey there @Bubbleman


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


We moved your post from the Ideas board to the relevant Help board, where it fits better. We'll be happy to shed some light on this.

Keep in mind that the content (artists, albums or songs) you don't see available on your end have a strict relation to licensing agreements. This depends on the artists or the right holders of the content who have it available in some regions. There's more info here. Also, every modification (uploading new versions and taking down others or leave both of them) is completely up to the artist or the right holder. We understand it'd be useful for the users getting a notification of these changes, but that would require a great amount of resources to check millions of users' libraries, which is not something we have the capacity to do at the moment.


On another note, for more info on how artist accounts are managed, we'd recommend taking a look at this article. 


If you need a hand with anything else, the Community is here for you.

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