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Discover Weekly updates randomly several times a week

Discover Weekly updates randomly several times a week




Operating System

iOS  and Windwos desktop


My Question or Issue


1. Once I noticed Discover weekly changed in the middle of the week (like on Thursday instead of Monday as it defined). But had no proof of that change and issue was closed

2. I've started to save manually my Discover Weekly each Tuesday (day after weekly update should happen) to compare later if it will be changed.

3. So today it happened again. Discover weekly updated on Thursday and differs from what was shown on Monday.


It changed for both devices

From time to time it changed on diferent day of the week. This year there was a week when Discover Weekly updated 3 times in a week (Monday and then in two other days). 

2 Replies

I have the same problem on my android and Windows desktop. It updated on monday, yesterday and now today :'))) Would really like to get this fixed


Hey @dead_lesbian,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


Unless there are some temporary synchronization issues between your account on the devices and the servers, what you experienced might just be the pace at which the playlists ended up updating: this might vary at times, although there is a date which is considered standard  for such updates 🙂 


If you want to double-check everything is alright with your app, the best thing to do would be running a clean reinstall of the app on your devices and see what happens. If nothing changes, it's likely what I described above. 


Hope this help. Cheers!

Mario Moderator
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