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Drake "Views"

Drake "Views"

Hey guys! When will it be available? Totally can't wait to listen to it.

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Everything I have been reading, says the release will drop everywhere else one week after April 29th, keep your eyes on the look out for around May 7th.

@JayLB - Thanks!

He's still not here :<

True 😞



Yeah sorry, I thought if the release was going to show it would be after that first exclusive week with A-Music and iTunes? There does seem to be some whispering around certain communities of maybe a week or two later everywhere else? I checked with Rhapsody as I have an old non active account there from before my days with Spotify, and the release is not there either yet for streaming. I can only assume now Drake did an exclusive with A-Music and iTunes for the pre-release, and everywhere else is having to wait, Drake did the exclusive week pre-release with A-Music and iTunes for the digital release on April 29th, and then a week later for the actual physical CD sales on May 6th, maybe a week or two more and the release might finally show up everywhere else for streaming? Hard to say as labels and pop artists have been playing this kind of game for hype and when it comes to releasing content. Amazon does have the better deal currently with the physical CD sale and their AutoRip feature, so you can have access to the digital content the same day of sale for around $12.94 if you happen to be an Amazon buyer and you get their special free shipping on orders that is.

Am I the only one where its there but it won't load the content?



What is your listening region? As there are several versions of Views on the Spotify service for different listening regions. And what devices, the devices OS version, and also the Spotify app versions as well which will not load the content?

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