Elliot Smith Albums

Elliot Smith Albums

When to play my favousrite Elliot Smith Albums......only to find them removed from my playlist and from the artist page.


Anyone know why this might have happened



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Hi there @nickjimward and welcome to the community! If your preferred artist isn't available, this may be to do licensing or legal constraints in your country between the artist or their label and Spotify. Sometimes, we are unable to get music from an artist because there are some contract type questions. 


if there's someone you'd like to hear, but can't see on Spotify, I recommend reaching out to the record company to see if they can get the music added. I can assure you that Spotify wants EVERY artist and EVERY song available for its customers!

If this solved your issue - Mark it as a solution!
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I also just noticed this. Hopefully it gets cleared up. I don't own any of his stuff physically/digitally so it was nice having him available on Spotify.

so they were there and now Either Or is gone?  What is up with that?

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