Feat. is linked to wrong artist


Feat. is linked to wrong artist

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Dear community, 


I would like to adresse an issue, how can we make sure when we submit our Featured artist that it links to their page an not create a new/empty artiste page with the same name. 


My release Konflikt :


Feat. Quatuor Bozzini, which is an acclaimed string quartet and unfortunately my release isn’t part of their catalogue. Therefore I didn’t generate the effect I had planed. 

How can we ensure this is in order before the official release, considering it’s our best opportunity to create a buzz.



Guillaume Dion




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Thank you for taking the time to help me. My distributor unfortunately is
inexistent as far as customer service is concerned. I will then try
reaching to Spotify directly.

Cheers !

And here it is, if you like jazz, classical or samba you'd might find
something you like!

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No worries, you can also learn more about Spotify's Partner Distributors here which you may find helpful in the future! 🙂


Best of luck! 💚



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Hey there @G-host!

I hope you are well, does the artist that you are Ft'ing to have a Artist Page, if so you should be able to reach out to your distributor and they should be able to arrange for this to go on to the correct pages as they have the options to provide Spotify with a specified artist ID which helps prevent your music getting mixed up in this case and in the future. Tip: You should also be able to see the release in your Spotify for Artist's account which you are able to check before the content goes live to check for any last minuite issues, you can sign up for one of these here


If they can't help, drop the Spotify for Artist's team here a email who are specialists in this and they'll be able to take a look their side if your distributor can't but from personal experience they are pretty handy!



^ They are also best placed to fix any issues with Content but I'd always reach out to your distributor first as they sometimes have access to a quicker fix! 🙂


Any questions, let me know!


Best of luck with the release and hopefully you'll share it on here.