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Fraud on Spotify ! Important !

Fraud on Spotify ! Important !

Hey guys
i recently recognized multiple
Artist channel on Spotify that have tracks in it that are partwise even 1 Octave tuned down
these get more than 3000 - 6000 new listeners a day ... and all these 4 channel get their plays etc.  exactly from the same source 
all plays come 1st from UK etc. ... You can see it in their structure. Its completely obvious that this is fake-activity to manipulate the Spotify system and earn money like this.
All 4 channel have the word "Hip Hop" in the beginning of their names ... and 3 of them are already on the top of the search word "Hip Hop" in the Artist section - all in under 1 Month of uploading Albums ... all with the same type of bad quality Hip Hop Breakbeats on it that all get exactly the same Amount of plays without to be in any playlists etc.
These are the channel 
For the one with the name "Hip Hop Boyz" 
the uploader used an already existing Channel from another Artist it seems.
Please can someone forward this message to the team that is responsible for removing fake aktivities. 
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Hey @SubmitAPlaylist.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


We've reported this to the right people. Keep in mind that it might take a while for us to investigate this.


if you have further questions, please let us know!


Have a nice day.

Thanks a lot !


A new One ...


This Time "Hip Hop Flows" ... again with "Hip Hop" in the beginning

The Same thing 1 Album ... uploaded - with very bad Quality tracks ... all one Octave down...already 5000+ monthly listeners... coming from UK like the others...

obviously Fake activity...


Still all other channels up...




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