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Appropriateness of Ads

Appropriateness of Ads

I would appreciate if ads did not contain words that cannot be played over the normal radio. I'm just sitting at my desk here at work, and an ad comes on, in which I hear the f-word, and I'm like -- "What?! I didn't sign up for this." I just want to innocently listen to mostly Christian music at work, not alarm people who might be walking by. Could we please address this immediately?

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Hey @kmweinand


If possible, please vote for these ideas that have been suggested for the ability to give feedback on ads:


Add a comment there, so they may be considered. Any update on the matter should be posted in those threads. 🙂

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And here we are again -- I am honestly deeply considering forgetting about Spotify forever. I feel I have been offended too many times on the exact same point.


Currently, there's a Netflix ad for "**bleep** Education." As many, many others have commented, we are often listening to Spotify in a professional work environment. I don't feel the need to talk about sexuality at work, and so why would I want to have ads playing on my computer that introduce the topic to people walking by my desk?


Honestly, why does this keep happening? The nature of these ads is completely unwarranted, unnecessary, undesired, and SO FRUSTRATING. They are ruining what for me has been a really good thing. I have spoken very positively about Spotify to many people, but whenever I talk with friends about what we DO NOT LIKE about Spotify, the inappropriateness of ads is always what comes up.


If I continue to hear more ads like this, do not be surprised if I "quit" Spotify for good. Thank you for your consideration of this situation.

And I have to comment on the irony here. When I write "**bleep** Education," the word "**bleep**" is **bleeped** out. And yet, listening to Spotify here on my computer, for everyone else to hear as well, this is what's coming out of my speakers.

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