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Friend activity sidebar windows update

Friend activity sidebar windows update








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Windows 10


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After the last update the friend activity sidebar became a fold out. Now every time i want to see what my friends are listening to i got to press the sidebar. Why isn't there a 'stay folled out' option, like i dont know, before the update. And if the sidebar is open i cant see half of the rest of my spotify. So i either see what my friends are listening, and dont see the song duration of my songs. Or the otherway around. If anyone else finds this annoying let me know, cause it is driving me nuts.

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Hey there @Sammie__


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out about this. 


You can activate the sidebar heading over to Settings > Display > and toggling on See what your friends are playing option.


You can find more info about the Friend activity section here


If this doesn't do the trick, would you mind sending us a screenshot of what you're seeing in the app on your end so we can take a closer look? Make sure not to send any private info. 


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.

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Hey Eni,


I understood what you meant with the settings, but i already have the See what your friends are playing option toggled on. As you can see in the pictures the sidebar is either closed or open. The problem arises when I either reopen spotify or want to use spotify and see what my friends are playing at the same time. Problem 1 has to do with the fact that when i reopen spotify the sidebar will always be closed as in picture 1. And problem 2 arises when I open the sidebar. See how i cant see everything in picture 2 that was shown in picture 1 (mostly the song durations). What I basically want is how the old version had the sidebar, as seen in picture 3. The sidebar is shown without the loss of fuctionality of the music side of spotify. You also didnt need to tap the sidebar everytime, it stayed folded out. I know this cant be done using the settings, so thats why im on this forum.

spotify 1.png
spotify 2.png
Desktop Screenshot 2020.06.28 -

Hey @Sammie__,


Thanks for the reply.


We understand that it's still difficult to adapt to the new design and would recommend you share your feedback here. As the devs are still rolling out updates for the new Desktop UI user commentary is more than welcome.


Posting in the abovementioned thread will gain the most visibility.


Hope this helps 🙂

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