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Gapless/Crossfade doesnt' work when you play a full album

Gapless/Crossfade doesnt' work when you play a full album







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Windows 10


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The gapless / crossfade feature that allows you to fade a track that is ending with the next does not work when you listen to a full album. This feature works only when you listen to music in shuffle mode, or when you listen to playlists or adding songs in the queue (as long as these songs are not from the same album and are not the next track of the track you're listening to)
I am tired of this situation. I want to be able to use the gapless / crossfade functionality all the time. I only listen to albums from start to finish and not playlists. I hate the silences between one song and another and I want to be able to use the crossfade for this reason, but Spotify does not allow it as if it were an offense against the artists and the album as it was conceived.


I don't want copy and paste responses from moderators because they are useless, I want this problem to go directly to the developers and add an option that allows you to always and in any case use the gapless / crossfade functionality.

We've been complaining about this problem for years and years and years since Spotify ignores us

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Its deliberate, an album is curated to sound a certain way. So in some cases the transition between consecutive songs from a certain album is present for the intentional design of the album, which crossfade would ruin.

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