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Song request

hey Spotify can you add this song to the app it would be great if you can thank you.😀


thank you.

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Hey! How are you? I'll try to explain in a simple way the procedures for your music to be on spotify: )

Getting music on Spotify
Distributors handle music licensing, distribution, and pay streaming royalties.

Work with a distributor to get music on Spotify.

See our preferred and recommended distributors

These distributors meet our highest standards for quality metadata and anti-infringement measures.

Note: Most distributors charge a fee or commission. Each service is unique, so do a little research before picking one.

If you’re a signed artist, your record label probably already uses a distributor who can get your music on Spotify.

Want to be a preferred and recommended distributor?
Register your interest

More details in this link:

Thank you for the note.also I did not make this I was just asking if you guys can put the song I really like.sorry I should have mentioned That I did not make this in the first place.sorry but if you can that would be great so thank you.


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