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German Bands

German Bands

Hi guys i have a question why is the support for the german bands so bad ? or why so uncompleted discography?


the bands wich i mean:


Die Ärzte


Frei Wild


Die Toten Hosen





ps: sorry for my bad english 🙂

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Revolverheld are on Spotify - at least the last few albums.

Rammstein was available at the very beginning but then they had Spotify take all their albums down. 

The others don't want to be on streaming services; you also can't find them on Rdio, Simfy, Ampya, etc. 


hay there,
thyts straight my opinion why are:
Böhse Onkelz
not in spotify listenable?

greetings & pls fix thanks:)

Not mention some epic names like Herbert Groenemeyer (who was here previously but has since departed), as well as a personal favorite like Bosse.


In almost all cases, it's either a situation of personal choice (the artist chooses to remove or withhold their content for their own reasons), or incompatibility with international copyright law. 


It's a situation that is evolving. I am always hopeful for new bands or old ones to appear, and there is not much we can do directly.


Indirectly, you can mention to an artist on social media that you wish you could enjoy their music on Spotify. Enough voices might make a difference.




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