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Getting your own music onto Spotify

Getting your own music onto Spotify

Hey guys! I wrote a little thing about my experience with using Distrokid to get my music onto Spotify. Sorry if it isn't relevant but a few people have asked me so I thought I'd describe the pros and cons 🙂

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Thanks for the post.


I am working on an HF5 album with 13 tracks (1 currently on spotify) and am not entirely happy with who I used.   I was recently looking at other options and now I have much more to work with before I post the entire LP.



Rob Stuart

Oh I'm glad to hear it! There are so many options available it's hard to choose sometimes.

Distrokid is great and cheap if u got a lot of songs. If you much more likely to release one track or 2 over the course of a season, I would go for, 1 USD per track (100% royalties) 

Thanks for sharing! That's indeed a great option if you just have a single or something to share.

does distrokid help you customize album covers and artist names and profile pics and things of that sort? or do you need to know how to do that on your own

does this option show you how to edit artist names/ artist picture and album covers and all that stuff?

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