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Has Spotify recently changed the volume level of Normalize?

Has Spotify recently changed the volume level of Normalize?




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I am a member who has been using Quiet since spotify's normalize function came out.

Volume 1 on my phone is too loud and I liked it when that feature was added.


At that time, I checked the decibel by changing the options of the function, and I checked that Loud was 95db, Normal was 92db, Quiet was 84db, and all my local files were set to 84db.


But today I thought that the music in my Spotify library was louder than before, so I measured it again.


Loud is 96~98db Normal is 94~96db and Quiet is 86~89db.

Have there been any recent changes?


I've never really liked Spotify's way of forcing updates without release notes or patch notes, and it makes Spotify feel like an amateur.


I have to adjust the decibel of my local files once again, so I need confirmation from the staff.

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The remeasured decibel difference appears to be a problem with the recording program.

There is no loudness difference between a local file set to 84db and the spotify library on Windows.


However, I clearly feel the difference in loudness between the local files and the spotify library on Android.

I'm using version 1.0.90 on windows, so it may be that spotify is an older version and doesn't reflect the difference.


I'm looking for an answer in the android version.

As a result of testing with the newly adjusted db file, "Quiet" seems to be close to 86~87db in the latest version of android.

I checked archived webpage information on and spotify changed quiet's LUFS value from -23db to -19db.
I've been using version for a long time and started using the latest version for lyrics a while ago.

So maybe I noticed it too late.


The changed difference is similar to what I felt and the last working Android version is

Goodbye lyrics!


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