Help Spotify's configs


Help Spotify's configs


morning guys.
I would to ask some help about Spotify's Configs.

I follow a playlist called "Funk Hits" from Spotify and every time that one song ends, the next one initiates without stopping the previous. Some songs take 2 seconds, others almost 20 sec, there is no standard.

I set up the "gradual transition" but is not the same thing and didn't fixed the problem.

I keep the playlist name in case for you guys understand and try to help me.
there is a way to activate this in all playlists?

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Re: Help Spotify's configs


i think you may have  playback enabled  just go to your settings then tap on playback  then you should see a green bar with a header titled crossfade. Take it from 10 to 0 and it should resolve your problem!