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Playlists Needed! Submit yours to a new community for finding and sharing playlists

Playlists Needed! Submit yours to a new community for finding and sharing playlists

Hey everyone! I wanted to share this app I've been working on that leverages the Spotify API and enhanced social features for an improved way to find and share Spotify playlists.


Analyzed by the API

Playlists added to the site are analyzed by the Spotify API, track-by-track, to determine definable musical characteristics including audio features such as how energy, danceability, and popularity (a full list and description of these features is available at the Spotify Developer site). Additionally classification information is pulled in that lists top artists and genres within the playlists as well as the average year of release. These features are summarized at the playlist level and available as a downloadable full csv extract. 


Social Features

Rate, comment and connect with other Spotify playlist curators. A snapshot of recent listening history is produced for individual user profiles. 


Advanced search

Search playlists by musical characteristics, by artist and genre. This enables greater specificity in playlist searches not currently available on the Spotify application. 


Community Focused

I'd love to hear your feedback! Please stop by and add a playlist or follow a new one. 


Let's Connect!

If you're interested in building or contributing to social Spotify tools let's talk! 

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the website looks okay from what i saw.. I wouldn't login via spotify though just incase it got hacked... maybe try and make a registration form for a login purpose as most people wont login through spotify espeically when the website doesn't have any SSL so its not a secure site for people t login through... for an SSL costs around 50 pound a yeah i used to design websites so if you need any help with a registration form just shoot me a private message.

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