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How can I remove certain artists from concert recommendations?

How can I remove certain artists from concert recommendations?

I do enjoy the concert alert and recommendations based on my listening history. It helps me stay in the know on which artists are coming to town. However, recently I am pestered with both email and push notifications about a concert for an artist I've never chosen to listen to. I am guessing this artist has appeared in my daily mix, so they are now in my history. I wish there was some way to choose to "never recommend concerts from this artist again" or a way to see which artist are on my concert list and remove some of them. But for now it looks like the concert notification setting is all or nothing: either get recommendations from the artists that Spotify chooses or get none at all.

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I'm pretty sure that the artist in the alert has paid for being displayed to you.
It is an ad.

Hey @y2jag,


Thanks for posting in the Community 🙂


The recommendations that you see are based on the following:

  • Artists you follow
  • Artists you have an affinity for (i.e. how much you stream them)
  • Artists similar to artists you like

In order to help Spotify's algorithm, you can go to this artist's profile on the mobile app and select Don't play this artist in order to show that you're not interested. Keep in mind that by doing this, tracks from that same artist will no longer be playable.


We're always looking for new ways to improve the app and offer better functions, so if you'd like, you can go ahead and post an Idea about not getting recommendations for concerts from certain artist(s). Here you can read more on how ideas work and in this help article are some useful tips on how to submit an idea. The higher amount of votes it gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented.


Hope this clears things up and we're here if you've got any other questions.



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