How can I report a *podcast*?

How can I report a *podcast*?


This Podcast was suggested in my main page: []((warning: nsfw)) . It's plain pornography on the audio and on the tumbnails; there's no option to report either the author, the podcast program or the individual sessions. Other people are having the same problem, and the FAQ about reports is only about songs, playlists and authors. Thus it's impossible to report and remove this inappropriate content.

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Hi @lucas_henrique,

thanks for posting !


Feel free reporting any content your don't find fit using this official Spotify support page.


Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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Nope, this doesn't work for podcasts, only music.


Hi @jonprc,


Thank you for reaching out on this post. 


If you follow the article shared by @OneByBoo, there is a mention of the Contact Form. If you click this and follow it through, you’ll have the option to report content that violates Spotify’s guidelines.


Let us know if you have any questions.

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Podcasts don't have the report function. Try it and show me the screenshot. They removed it for joe.


You’re totally right! And what’s worse is that kids can easily come across this because the family plan WILL NOT block it! PARENTS BEWARE of the “family plan”! And if you dont get the “podcasts” suggested to you, anyone can easily come across them (unfortunately children) because all you have to put in the search bar are combinations of random punctuation marks……like two commas “,,” for example…..and you’re hit with all kinds of smutty **bleep** “podcasts” and “songs” with explicit pictures. This **bleep** has no place on a platform thats supposed to be for music! Parents should know what their kids could accidentally come across on spotify even with the “family plan”! 

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