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How come some of most popular podcast are not on spotify?

How come some of most popular podcast are not on spotify?

I would lovery to use spotify for all my podcast needs like I do for my music need, but there are to many podcast that I listen to that are not on spotify. These podcast are some of the most popular out there. The joe rogan experience, the giant bomblast, and the rooster teeth podcast just to name a few.
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Hopefully more podcasts get added. I guess it depends on licensing deals with them.

osorniosSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I remember joe rogan flat out saying he doesnt like what spotify does as far as paying the artists it utilizes and wont be on spotify. So I'm guessing podcasters have to manually concent and as this isnt a popular feature yet, they may be unaware that spotify is even an option for podcasts. Who knows others may be boycotting as well.

Just to name my favourite three:

  • Planet Money (NPR)
  • This American Life (NPR)
  • Freakonomics Radio

Big hitters in the podcast world, none available through Spotify. Maybe NPR forbids Spotify but I wonder why Stephen Dubner doesn't allow syndication through Spotify? Unless adverts violate Spotify's terms and conditions...

Yea, unfortunately, this makes me want to move to Apple Music. I dislike almost all Apple stuff apart from the phone and would rather stay with Spotify but it appears I have no choice.

Don't forget you have podcast app options on Google phones off you hate
Apple. Podcast Addict is my jam for that.

I dropped Spotify and went to Google play. Same price all the podcast and
music plus commercial free youtube.

Yeah, I listen to TAL and Freakonomics. The podcast feeds are freely available, and they make their money through ads and donations, so it doesn't make sense that they wouldn't want to be in Spotify. TAL is no longer an NPR podcast anymore, by the way.

ty.. so basically if you get your podcasts from spotify exclusively you'll be missing out on the most valuable podcast data that exists.. recently my default switched over from google play to spotify.. and i couldn't understand why NONE of my podcasts were available.. now i get it.. 

That is quite a bummer that Joe Rogan is not on Spotify, since it is on "most popular" category on most of the podcast listings out there. Lack of these essential podcasts is annoying and really inconvenient since one have to use a different application on listening podcasts.


Does anyone know wheter Spotify keep an official listing/poll on "most suggested" podcasts or is there any way for commoner such as I, to affect witch podcasters they are making deals with.

Good news! More podcasts will be able to come to Spotify


You can now get your podcast on Spotify! Read this FAQ to see how you can get your podcast on Spotify through the listed distributors / email form

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Yes I agree, the Spotity is missing a lot of high quality podcasts for no apparent reasons. Not only are many quality podcasts missing, but podcasts that previously existed in Spotify have disappeared.


For example, "Science Friday" is a podcast that I had previously been "following" with Spotify, but this podcast has disappeared altogether from Spotify podcasts I "follow". Further if I do a search on this podcast, it does not appear at all. Instead Spotify search on "Science Friday" shows an empty Podcast with the name "Undiscovered by Science Friday"?  On my mobile devices/tablets it just shows ERROR. As a result, I've had to go back to Google Play to listen to my podcasts.

same here.. and when i did i realized that google's music selection is just as good as spotify.. considering making the switch completely.. 


Where do you find music and podcasts on google? Do they have a good android app?


Early in 2019 many popular podcasts started to regularly appear in Spotify. This lasted for a few months, but then these podcasts seemed to disappear.


For example up until April 5 2019 episodes of Science Friday appeared weekly, but after that episode, they no longer appear.


This issue is not platform specific, for example episodes of SciFri after 4/25/2019 do not appear in the iOS Spotify app, nor in the Desktop apps, nor in Web Browser interaces.


To be clear, the issue is limited to Spotify, for example Science Friday episodes regularly appear in Goggle Play, Apple Music, and other apps (they didn't stop carrying these podcasts). What gives Spotify?

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