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How do I delete a podcast that I submitted to Spotify?

How do I delete a podcast that I submitted to Spotify?

I can't find it...

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Can you please specify what you mean by this


(Did  you put a podcast on Spotify if so use the app you used to put it on there to delete it)

Hope This Helped 😉



I am having the same problem. The problem for me is i submitted a podcast via podomatic and now want to delete it from the spotify store but i am not sure how to do that. 


THank you

Hi. Same here. 

Hi everybody!!!

I submitted my podcast through
and it's was running ok, but I think something was clicked on Spreaker too
and it got two of the same show published.

Than i erased it on Spreaker to try upload it again and one of the version
is gone, but one still appears and works on Spotify.

The RSS feed and the episode are erased,what I do to erase it from  Spotify and
upload again?


Did you ever sort this out? Same issue here. Spreaker submitted it but not in a way I have any control over. 

Hi, it's was solved after a lot of e-mails with spreaker and spotify That's what you have to do.

I have same problem

Here the same, but Anchor duplicate my PodCast. Spotify support by email doesn't answer me, I've emailed for weeks.

Well, the same happened to me. 
I've sent an E-mail to the team. and waiting for answers.

Same . I don't know what to do because I deleted my podbean account so I can't login to that anymore. And my podcasts are still showing on Spotify.

I have almost the same problem but my RSS link was removed from the host site

2 solutions worked very well for me :

     1- you can erase all the content from your rss. Don't erase the rss itself, but just the episodes that are in it. If you erase the entire rss, a copy will stay on spotify until you find a way to update it

     2- you can push a music protected by intellectual property in your rss. Spotify will kick your rss within a few days (I did it with the coffin dance meme, it works very well !)

And hopefully, if enough people do that, spotify will stop being dumb and offer us and option to remove our rss on the platform...

you can create a new**bleep** rss, replace it on the admin page of spotify podcast.

Hey there folks, 


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here! 

In case you need help with managing the podcasts you've submitted we suggest reaching out to your account manager or to


Make sure to include the name of your podcast, the link to your RSS feed, and the email address of your Spotify account to get help faster.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.  

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