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Unable to add a bio to my artist profile?

Unable to add a bio to my artist profile?

If someone could please help me out with this i'd appreciate it.

I'm a new artist to spotify "Antwon La Great" and am unable to add a bio to my profile. When I do try to write one it always states "error please try again later." Has anyone else experienced this? And if so what was your solution, thank you!

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Hey @AntwonLaGreat ,


Thanks for getting in touch, hope you're doing fine.


Can you please try to update your bio using a different browser / device?

Also, I recommend you to check out Spotify for Artists FAQ, it includes a lot of information about Spotify for Artists and there's a section that may inform you better about updating your profile, etc.


Hope this helps 🙂


Hi- I had a similar issue. I had to go to Spotify for Artists and claim my profile... you just enter your social media info, etc. Then I had to wait about 3 days. Good luck.

Hi, I have access to Spotify for artists and have tried to enter a bio and links. They update in Spotify for artists, and I get feedback saying "We saved your bio. Fans can see it on your profile now." However, nothing show up on the artist page on Spotify. I have tried updating both in Chrome and Safari.

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Hey there @toegrim


Thanks for reaching out - we’re here to help!


We suggest getting in touch with our team at Spotify for Artists. These folks can assist when it comes to features used by artists and content creators. They’ll be able to investigate why the bio you submitted isn't being displayed on your artist profile on Spotify.     


You can reach out to them here.    


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.


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