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How do you get in touch with playlist owners as an artist?


How do you get in touch with playlist owners as an artist?

When you have your music on Spotify, how do you get in contact with relevant playlist owners to present your music if it seems to fit their playlist?


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Thanks for your help

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Hi, This doesn't answer the question "how to contact a playlist owner", it answers the question "how do i submit my song to spotify for consideration for their playlists". Those are very different things. For example, I've found a user playlist that is perfect for my music and I want to message the owner to tell them about me. It says in some of the other comments that you can go to the playlist owner's profile and contact them but I can't find a way to do this. Does it require premium, or is it no longer available?



Does this still work? I can't find any way to messge a playlist owner from their profile page. Does it prehaps require the premium version?

Is there any chances to submit it after the deadline? has a database of curator emails

If you are a youtuber i would recommend using


they are professionals & official google partner. Sadly they are not yet started services for spotify promotion. I contact their support and they mentioned that they are in process of building one & will launch soon. 

Hey everyone!


You can find more info on how to get featured on playlists, made by Spotify, by checking out the Spotify for Artists page here.


We'd also like to add in on your recommendations by mentioning the Artist playlists, where you, as an artist, can feature your own music in a playlist, curated by you, or show your listeners what music you're in to by creating a playlist with your favorite songs.


We hope this info was useful. We're always here if there's anything else we can help with.



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Peter, I do not see a way to send the playlist creator a message even after following them. 

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