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How do you get in touch with playlist owners as an artist?


How do you get in touch with playlist owners as an artist?

When you have your music on Spotify, how do you get in contact with relevant playlist owners to present your music if it seems to fit their playlist?


Link to our album if you are interested:

Bound by Law – Break the Day


Thanks for your help


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With Spotify for Artists, you can submit one song from any scheduled release for our team to discover and consider for editorial playlists. We’ll also include it on your followers’ Release Radar playlists.


Tip: If this is your first release and you don’t yet have access to Spotify for Artists, check out “How do I claim my artist profile before my first release?”.


  1. Log in to Spotify for Artists on desktop.
  2. Use any one these three ways to find and submit unreleased music:
    • At the top of the Home tab, select SUBMIT A SONG next to the release you want to submit.
    • In the Profile tab, hover over the release you want to submit and click the three dots (...). Select Submit a song.
    • In the Catalog tab, under UPCOMING, select SUBMIT A SONG next to the release you want to submit.Note: The option to submit a song only displays if you have unreleased music.
  3. Choose a song and fill out as much info about the song as possible. The more info we get, the better chance it has!

Some things to keep in mind:

The earlier you submit your music, the better. We recommend at least 7 days before its release date. (This is also required to have your submission included on Release Radar). You can work with your distributor to make sure it’s delivered to us ahead of this time.

  • Submitting a song doesn’t guarantee a place on an editorial playlist, but does give it the best chance.
  • It’s only possible to submit one song per artist profile at a time (even if you have more than one scheduled release).
  • You need to be listed as the main artist on the release to submit. The option is not available for featured artists or compilations.
  • Our editors reserve the right to creative control for their selections. This means they may choose to feature a different song from the release on their playlist.
  • It’s not possible to remove yourself from a playlist if your track is chosen for it. There’s no set amount of time it will stay on the playlist - it depends how well it resonates with listeners.
  • Anyone else with access to your profile on Spotify for Artists (e.g. managers), or the release on Spotify Analytics (e.g. label reps), can see and edit the submission. Any changes are displayed for all members.
  • It’s totally free to use, and it’s not possible to pay to increase your chances, nor can any external parties influence our editors.


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You can send someone a message in Spotify desktop player. Go to the playlist then click on the creators name at the top, then click follow on their profile.

Once you have done that, go to your album (or whatever you want to send) and right click > share and send them a message. 😉

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Thanks a bunch!

This doesn't work.
I've followed these instructions exactly several times, and the only people it lets me send a message/share to is my facebook friends. For anyone else that I follow their playlist, but I'm not their friend on facebook, Spotify does not allow me to message them. Is this even possible anymore?? This is practically the only way for indie artists to try and market themselves within the Spotify community, yet the function is unavailable. If there is another or new way to do this PLEASE let us know! 

Also, is there any way to submit songs to be considered for playlists created by Spotify? It seems impossible unless you have some major record label that in direct contact with Spotify employees....





Same problem here...

@1119056366 @robbgilligan


Here is how I, personally, proceed.


As long time independant new music digger and playlists curator, I have my own website and people who wants contact me, most of time, use this way.


To be honest, I receive daily many requests to listen new music. As I have made this choice, the only streaming service I use is Spotiy. So, I pay more attention to people already having music available on Spotify. However, as I want keep my independance, it's not because I am requested that a song will be added in one of my playlists. It has to fit my taste. I always keep the last word and I am not "to buy" 🙂 but as I dig, daily and deeply the new releases on Spotify, if you have a good recording, I will find it.


I know other independant playlisters who can be reached also through a website. Usually it's mentioned in the description of their playlists.


There is also some playlisters who post in the community. Then can be PMed in the community.


In the case of "official" playlists makers as Spotify, Topsify, Digster, Filtr etc... they have their own curators and their own way to curate their playlists.






SoundofusSpotify Star
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Since I'm a premium spotify user I am hoping that you would be able to offer the band Shotgun Messiah, they are awesome I think and believe I should have access to them

had the same problem.. i think the solution posted above is probably for older versions of the desktop spotify app

While reading your message; concerning getting in contact with playlist owners, I directly take the oppertunity sharing my latest creation; 


Closer To You: spotify:album:7s3hfg4hI3JLuDTmZgBRXw 


Closer To You: 


perhaps it's something which would fitt in your lists 🙂 





Hey dude! Checked out this album and it's pretty cool! I also have a question. How do you get "Fresh Finds" Spotify curators to notice you? If you are interested, here is a link to my band's album:



Hello there and welcome to the community,


"Fresh Finds" are usually based on what main independent curators (magazine online, website, individual curators, blogs, etc...) are featuring in their playlists.


So, more your songs are playlisted by different sources, more you have a chance to be added to official Spotify "Fresh Finds" playlists.


Good luck 🙂


SoundofusSpotify Star
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Almisost as magical as My spelling:)

Hey Spotify! 

I am trying to find a way to send my music to a playlist curator. I am not quite sure if the sending option works on my desktop





Check out StressGods on spotify !

Link to our album: 

<iframe src="" width="300" height="56" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden;" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>



Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to send a message to a playlist curator/owner? Seems like the message button is gone on spotify..

Thanks for the help! 🙂 

I've tried this and it doesn't work. When you click share you are only presented with the opportunity to share on facebook, twitter etc. There is no option to share with people you follow on spotify.

This was very helpful to me!

Take a look at my new single, and if anyone knows of playlists looking to add new stuff... let me know 😉

Hello, good day.

Please can you kindly consider adding any of my tracks to your playlists?

My genre is Afrobeat / Afropop though...

Here's a link to one

<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

Would mean so much to me. Thanks!

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