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How-to disable all podcasts?

How-to disable all podcasts?




The Netherlands


(iPhone 7, iPad mini 4, laptop

Operating System

(iOS 14, Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

I hate podcasts. Sorry, but that's not me, it's just not my cup of thee. 


Every time I open the app or the program on Windows 10 I get right in my face Shows to try, podcast to try and what not.


A moment ago it showed me political podcasts.


I just have Spotify to play music I like and not for podcasts.


The problem I am experiencing is that it gives me the *creeps* looking and seeing some of those covers. And that happens every time I open Spotify, either on my iPad or on my iPhone or just at my computer.


Is there a way to disable all podcast or at least not make them show on the front of the app or program? 


Thank you.


67 Replies

There isn't a podcast in the world I want to listen to. I sometimes skip through a few now and then, just to see...  god the number of annoying twits out there. And these people have such annoying voices. They always refer to themselves as if they were a company instead of some jackass at momma's house. They start every show with stupid, compressed music. Annoying, slow witted, weirdly opinionated, covering stupid asinine subject matter. The day some other legit service comes around, I'm dumping Spotify. I'm a music lover - not a clueless twerp with nothing better to do or think or be. Spotify, you cheapen yourself being in bed with podcasting. Why the **bleep** would you think the two go together? Knock it the **bleep** off.

100%. I don't care if people want to have podcasts on spotify - each to their own - but I don't and I'm sick of it being 90% of my home screen with no way for me to turn it off. Just give me the option and I'll be fine, but as it is right now I'm just looking at alternative options for my family plan to a vendor that doesn't waste my time/UI and force me to look at stuff I'm never going to be interested in a million years.


Fix it or I'm out - and so are lots of other people it seems. your move.

Please give the option to disable podcasts recommendations. It may be an almost hidden option on settings, but PLEASE.

The podcast recommendations are TOTALLY inappropriate and unacceptable. I am cancelling my subscription and not returning until this junk is removed. What a disgrace!

I just cancel my service, Spotify is not for me. I love music and now my page is full of podcasts and audio books. This is **bleep** I’m not paying for this trash. Here I come Apple Music. 

This is ridiculous! / all my homepage are podcasts 😡


Zrzut ekranu 2023-05-31 135209.jpg

Please give us the option to remove podcasts. 
on carplay it's becoming annoying that on the first screen only podcasts are shown :(((


I'm trying to hide spotify podcasts because my 10 year old uses the app. Content on there isn't appropriate for a child.  All kinds of tiktok videos and just straight trash. Yall really need to make that an option for safety if nothing else.

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