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How-to disable all podcasts?

How-to disable all podcasts?




The Netherlands


(iPhone 7, iPad mini 4, laptop

Operating System

(iOS 14, Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

I hate podcasts. Sorry, but that's not me, it's just not my cup of thee. 


Every time I open the app or the program on Windows 10 I get right in my face Shows to try, podcast to try and what not.


A moment ago it showed me political podcasts.


I just have Spotify to play music I like and not for podcasts.


The problem I am experiencing is that it gives me the *creeps* looking and seeing some of those covers. And that happens every time I open Spotify, either on my iPad or on my iPhone or just at my computer.


Is there a way to disable all podcast or at least not make them show on the front of the app or program? 


Thank you.


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Hey @Toro4929,


Welcome to the Community!


We understand that you'd like to not see content which you don't enjoy. There are other users in the Community who'd like to have the option to customize their landing page. 


To show your support to the idea head over here and add your +Vote.


 Here you can read more on how ideas work.


We also suggest checking this help article for useful tips on how to submit an idea. As a heads-up, it's good to know that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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I agree!


This shameless nonsensical sometimes inflammatory stuff does not belong here.
I bought Spotify for the music, not to hear inflammatory screams from rioters.

Spotify shame on you and get rid of that mess!

same problem reported for more than a year.

nothing done

your podcasts take half of the screen, I pay for music not to listen hipster's opinion on organic tomato sauce...


It's gotten to the point where I won't even open the app around other people now, the recommendations are so over the top cringy. I will never listen to podcasts. Pushing this revenue stream so damn hard is pretty pathetic.

I hope it changes someday.
Let's all say we don't want this.
Thank you for your support

Just let us disable podcast already... it's not that hard! I'm sick and tired of it, I use Spotify for music. Attached is an example of what others have been saying here.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-10-21 a la(s) 16.51.58.png

I have everyday, right in the middle of the screen, podcast in french that would translate :

did Venus shave her **bleep**?

With a picture a venus actually doing that.

Impossible to report impossible to delete...

And I pay, it is not the free version


I just keep going with spotify because my amplifier is spotify ready.

The day I update my amp i resigne from spotify.

I tried Apple Music, but unfortunately it doesn't support my google audio devices.
If so? Then I immediately leave Spotify.

Thank you! That's great!

Dear Spotify, I understand you make money from podcasts. The thing is, some of us musicheads don’t give a hoot about podcasts, as you can see in the comments above. It has gotten to the point where I’m willing to pay you more for a channel that does not contain anything even remoptely close to podcasts. I’m simply NOT INTERESTED!
I enjoy listening to music, and that’s why I’ve been paying you a monthly fee for more than a decade. I have chosen to exclude certain things in my life; Facebook, blogs, sports, and podcasts are a few of them. The feeling of being deep-throated by your obnoxious in-your-face approach regarding marketing of your podcasts drivel is horrid. Do I make myself clear?

I agree!

agree, add a button to hide podcasts


The recommended podcasts are all I don’t like, and I can’t hide or dislike them



Absolutely agreed. I pay Spotify for **MUSIC**, not silly podcasts cluttering home screen and search results!!


Please upvote the idea of an option to disable podcasts:


I don't care if, following Apple or other vendors, Spotify made the wrong investment on podcasts and wants to recover the costs on their users now.


I will never open a podcast in the Spotify app, let alone pay any extra dime for it, and I loathe the pathetic, continued efforts to force "shows", or whatever they call them, down people's throats by appallingly aggressive commercial practices, reminding of Microsoft pushing for their web browser and search engine to people who don't want them, or other abusive pay-tv vendors practices.


What's worse now visually EXPLICIT content started to appear in the (unremovable) Podcasts row on every device, every time I open the app. Desperately resorting to pr*0n to lure users into shows now??? This is THE LAST STRAW, really (and I have no intention whatsoever to disable all explicit songs to just get rid of explicit podcasts from the Home).

By the way, what kind of sick, convoluted and privacy-breaking tracking code has led the algorithms to surface this s**t?


If this customers alienating trend pushing for Podcast continues, I'll just sadly have no choice but to unsubscribe and boycott.







Oh, and I almost forgot: how about having got "shows" mixed with songs in the Year 2021 review!!?? Another cheap and pathetic trick to try to lure people into podcasts.


So I was listening to this yearly review to give it a chance, then suddenly an unknown someone starts talking. HOW ANNOYING!!!! This makes this playlist completely useless and unplayable (because, of course, Podcasts can't be excluded).


But customers are neither apes nor donkeys..

I have been a paying customer for what must be going on 7-9 years. If I ever catch them pushing right wing podcast**bleep** at me I will drop them, no problem. 

Same for me!

I fully agree Burncreek’s comment. I absolutely hate the implementation of podcasts. The homescreen is becomming cluttered with items i don’t use or don’t want. I don’t want podcats!!! I’m really worried about the next thing Spotify wants to integrate (audiobooks?)

i can no longer use Spotify the way I want…only the way Spotify wants. This is probably the last month i’m paying for premium. 

Everyone should check out this extension which can help customize the homescreen on desktop clients

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