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How-to disable all podcasts?

How-to disable all podcasts?




The Netherlands


(iPhone 7, iPad mini 4, laptop

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(iOS 14, Windows 10)


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I hate podcasts. Sorry, but that's not me, it's just not my cup of thee. 


Every time I open the app or the program on Windows 10 I get right in my face Shows to try, podcast to try and what not.


A moment ago it showed me political podcasts.


I just have Spotify to play music I like and not for podcasts.


The problem I am experiencing is that it gives me the *creeps* looking and seeing some of those covers. And that happens every time I open Spotify, either on my iPad or on my iPhone or just at my computer.


Is there a way to disable all podcast or at least not make them show on the front of the app or program? 


Thank you.


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Agreed. There's content on Spotify that promotes racism & hatred. In Canada, promoting & advertising hatred is a federal offense. At least give us the power to filter out specific podcasts that promote this, such as Joe Rogan. I get enough trouble from Ticketmaster's customer care.

same. i don't want to see jOe RoGaN's face or other political garbage every time i open Spotify. I came here for the music, not podcasts. put them on a separate tab or let me hide them. it is bad enough my subscription money pays people like RoGaN instead of more fairly compensating artists. you don't have to compound the insult by hitting me with podcasts every time i open the app. 

I agree with that. I don't wanna see a podcasts in my main screen. 

Do you know what does the picture which most of russian see means? "We have f**ked" and "Not in there".

Why I can't block it for myself?


+1 I don't want podcasts in Spotify.

Could you at least update the algo to take the hint I don't want to see _these_ podcasts?

This is the number one thing that makes me try out other services.

Hi Spotify folks, especially the designers (this comment is from a fellow designer);


I have been using Spotify for many many years. Your user interface used to be very simple and straightforward. It got more and more cluttered over time. As sad as I was to see that happening, i continued my premium membership to support an independent company among the giants of Google, Apple and Amazon. But this aggressive push of podcasts into everyones face is really testing your users' patience to switch over to one of those giants.


I do listen to podcasts but I don't mix them with my music. I use a dedicated (and super simple) app for podcasts. Your already cluttered interface becomes unbearable with lists of podcasts screaming at me from right in the center. I mean you can't even collapse the podcast section. It takes some cognitive effort to separate podcasts from music. Did we really come to this in 21st century, really??? Please get back to your roots, use your talent to provide great user experience, don't try to engineer a certain behaviour from users. It doesn't help your reputation.

Honestly I'm not the least bit surprised by this. Big tech is so arrogant these days. They think they can have paying customers and monetize them too. Shameless! Stop trying to cram podcasts in our ears. By adding an option to opt out you can find out what your customers actually want.

Glad to find so many people with the same issue. What’s happening to Spotify? I’ve bought tidal already. If there’s no way to put music back on top im off this rubbish. what’s being done Spotify? 

Let me disable podcasts

Dear Spotify Moderators,


We are not looking for total customization of the homepage at this thread, what we are simply looking for;


- First among others, aallow us to hide, dislike, block some podcasts or authors. This is quite simple to implement.


- Do not put your 'shows you might like' section right on the middle of the screen, where it is it most ergonomic location to reach while using phone with a single hand. At least give user an option to whether show podcasts on upper or lower section.


- Make the 'shows you might like' section relevant to the user's taste. Do not leave this section to your local offices which fills it with promoted local content with no relation to the user's taste. Without even caring if the user is interested in the local content. Keep in mind, there are foreigners who might use the app abroad. Respect to the 'language' preference of the app or the system.


These are quite simple to implement yet all you prefer to do is redirecting us to a voting that will never settle in favor of us due to the problematic nature of total customization. All we want to do, is to have some freedom over podcasts contents.

The extensions posted by bkayes are pretty great. Just tried installing them and podcasts are now hidden. Thanks for the tip!

I wrote to @SpotifyCares on twitter. Asked them to help me remove the podcasts etc. Now my home page is more music than podcasts, as it was 6 months ago. So it's manually possible to request this, I suppose. 

Since I mostly use the Spotify client on my phone, I didn’t try out Spicetify until just the other day. But man! I’m impressed by all that creativity. Thanks for the tip, bkayes!

I just came back to Spotify after a couple of years, having had Apple Music bundled with a phone subscription, and I also don't want podcasts using up half the home screen of Spotify. I only want to see music. I'm really tempted to cancel my subscription and go back to Apple Music because of this. So stupid not to have an option to disable it.

@user-removed wrote:

I fully agree Burncreek’s comment. I absolutely hate the implementation of podcasts. The homescreen is becomming cluttered with items i don’t use or don’t want. I don’t want podcats!!! I’m really worried about the next thing Spotify wants to integrate (audiobooks?)

i can no longer use Spotify the way I want…only the way Spotify wants. This is probably the last month i’m paying for premium. 

Audiobooks? No way!! This is Spotify we're talking about here. Think bigger. MOVIES ! ! ! Why listen to soundtracks when you can watch the movie the soundtrack is from??? Wait, does that sound like some site/s I know? Nah, no one has done this before.


FFS Spotify, how can you turn a blind eye toward all these people? And not just in this post, but all the other posts as well with hundreds of comments asking for the same exact thing over and over again. And I know you wouldn't want to completely get rid of podcasts since it's a big source of smackeroonies for you guys, and we're not asking you to. Just give us an option to disable/hide it in settings, so that the people who like it can continue like nothing's changed and people like us who don't, can disable it, close these threads, and finally go back to enjoying Spotify as mother nature intended.

Totaly agree with Toro4929. I hate podcasts as well and despite that I have the newest**bleep** of an odd politician daily on my start screen, unbearable...

Checking the votings I get the impresssion there are enough supporters for providing a custom home screen function and the choice of switching them off. 

Spotify declares to focus more on podcasts, is loosing quite some interesting artist and doesn't bring HiRes.

Soon there are enough reasons to quit sportify. You need to do better to keep me as a subrsciber and not pusing me to qobuz or tidal... enough is enough and that soon.


Totally agree and support full customisation of spotify app. 

There is more but podcasts in front of everything is total cancer. 

Go to **bleep** erotic tales and other shitty stuff

I pay you, spotify. DOn't you forget that


I don't want to leave Spotify... I've been paying monthly since 2012 and currently chose to split music & podcasts after trying the Spotify blend for a year or so... It nuked both experiences and I want to roll back to my old ways...

Seriously considering migrating my music to Apple Music, just for this...

I am in fact looking to customise the home page. I'm not at all interested in podcasts on a what I consider to be a music streaming service

Bump. I'm not interested in podcasts on Spotify. Please enable users to remove this from the home page, or I'll politely find another streaming service.


If I want podcasts, I'll find them myself.


Thank you

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