How to explain this. Playlist help

How to explain this. Playlist help




Not sure if right section. Or how to explain this.


I am trying to give access to one of my playlists to a friend so he can edit it as well.


But so it also appears in his playlist bar for example like this


There used to be away to do this. so it becomes one playlist for two or more accounts.,

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How about trying this, right click on that same playlist name and then choose from the context menu the option of Collaborative Playlist. And then send the playlist to your friend to join it and collaborate on? Just be warned this does not prevent your friend then also sharing the same playlist and having some "dweb" come along and ruin the whole playlist with tracks that do not fit the mood or whatever you guys are going for. So forewarn him not to share it with anyone else if you do not wish for it to not to be ruined by some unknown outsider.

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