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How to report fake Spotify Artist?

How to report fake Spotify Artist?

Hello everyone! I do not know where to make this thread, but here it is. How do I report an artist for using other people's songs and uploading them to Spotify? They are not my music, but I still think it's a scam. This profile called "MajorMotion" has uploaded songs that are not his work or have any relation to the artists themselves. MajorMotion ones uploaded "Where Are ü Now (Marshmello Remix)" and gained over 100.000 plays. It was renamed with (MajorMotion Remix) He deleted all of his uploads well over a month ago. But now he has uploaded an album and this one has the track "Until Dawn" by Jaeger. Except it's called "The Rise". I don't know the other songs on the album though. His latest single release was clearly G-eazy x Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself & I (Dexter Remix) ? 

So how can we ban this profile?

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Wow. Listened to the two songs and they are identical.


Let me escalate this to see what proceeds.

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are you saying theres people out here who take say, sublimes music, and then upload it to spotify as if its their own and get people to play it? if so that is super shady

A little update. He just deleted "his" whole album. Now he only has 3 songs on the profile, and he just uploaded: 

Jason Derülo - Whatcha Say (noï remix)



I've been confirmed that Spotify took notice of the song you reported. Probably that's why the album disappeared.


If you want to report this new song, I was told the best thing to do is tweet @SpotifyCares

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Actually the whole album is music that isnt his. 

Hey @Minasokoni,


Thanks for the heads up. Let me escalalate it to the proper team.

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SOLVED, no need to reply







A similar problem:
We found a fake verified profile of one of our artist:
They don't upload any music, they only make fake playlists, pretending to be our artist. But their discograpy does link to our real account

Can this fake account be deleted? It contains a profile image with the old band and not the new. 

Spotify account named Aseveljet and Sebastian Helin loop own streams. They put twice computer or phone repeat at the night. I think that it's not okay to do like that...?

I have something to report on a different angle and I am fairly new and do not know how.  "Eddie Grant" is a poser artist stealing credibility from "Eddy Grant".  I looked up the song Electric Avenue and "Eddie Grant" and it is not playable.  I typed Eddie Grant seeing if it was improperly labelled and some white artist comes up with like 8 million listens to a different version of the song.  What the heck?  Has Eddy Grant's song been hijacked?



It appears that the artist 'Markena' on spotify is a malicious bot or something, because their one song called 'Markena' repeatedly hi-jacked my spotify app through the web chrome player - I couldn't listen to anything but this one song on repeat. 


I eventually signed out everywhere to take back control.


There still appears to be no way to report fake accounts through the app. 


Can spotify remove 'Markena'?

love that song and im so desappointed for not having the chance to hear it, even when i pay for it, please stop this fake artist Eddie Grant

The real "Electric Avenue" was removed at some point in 2016 and it disappeared from all other streaming and download platforms as well.  Somebody in power REALLY does not want that song to be available, who knows why.  The fake in question is so bad it's comical.  Has it been removed yet?  I really wish all of those fake versions of Irene Cara's huge hit "Flashdance...What a Feeling" could be removed so that the unconscionable absence of the actual six-week #1 hit and its parent album (with three other Top 40 hits) would be more noticed, to the point where Spotify might actually do something about it.

This started in 2016 and now it is 2022 and Spotify still has no possibility to report an artist for shady behaviour except write the support or twitter about it... How difficult is it to add another button to the report formular?

I’ve noticed an uptick in artists uploading completely instrumental music claiming it’s a feature with another artist just to get the music on people’s Release Radar and other algorithm-driven playlists.


One such artist is this one

It's crystal clear at this point that Spotify simply does not care that these unscrupulous "artists" continue to scam their way onto our release radars and other auto-generated playlists. Today I found this gem (which is a collaboration between Po Black,Puzsy Riot, Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Babes In To.... (Spotify community won't let me post the name of that one russian band without misspellings.)


It's not encouraging that, in addition to ignoring the fake artists problem, Spotify keeps making it more difficult to report this stuff. I reported this track because I know how. But what about the ~99% of users that don't already know where the reporting page hides? Surely some just give up and stop using Release Radar, perhaps even migrating to a different streaming service. I do wonder if Pandora, YouTube, or even Apple Music have such a huge problem with bogus credits.

I ran across this one  today. I am not sure if this is purposely being faked or Spotify has horrible meta data because this SHELLAC is not the real Shellac 


The real Shellac is playing the Primavera Sound 2024 festivals. The real Shellac would have "fans also liked" Steve Albini, Jesus Lizard and so on. 


This SHELLAC is generic R&B and as such is being pulled on to Spotify generated playlists for the Primavera Sound 2024 festivals and basically getting free streams while posing as the real band. 

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