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Why are we not being offered monthly add-on options for audiobooks?

Why are we not being offered monthly add-on options for audiobooks?






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I was just wondering if Spotify can explain to me why they are only offering their Premium users these top offs? Why aren't we being given add-on options to choose from and adding them to our premium accounts like for instance, an additional X amount per month for 30 hours, Y amount for 50 hours and Z amount for unlimited? I feel like I am being nickled and dimed here and it is extremely frustrating. Spotify did not even do a good job of letting their Premium subscribers know that there was a limit to the hours to begin with and then once many of us found out about the limit while listening to an audiobook and being cutoff we were put into a position where we could have just purchased the audio book version for basically the same price when taking into account the top offs. And then they go as far as to factor in the playback speed that we are listening to the audiobooks thus limiting the hours spent listening???? Spotify is just dangling a carrot in front of their loyal Premium subscribers and then pulling it away and putting their dirty hands out. This feels very wrong to me and I for one have a bad taste in my mouth about how this was done. This was done underhandedly and could have been handled so much better in my opinion. I would be interested to know how other Multi-Year Premium subscribers like myself feel about how this was done?


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Hi, I just want to add to this issue, several points to which I agree on and hope an expert and/or someone at Spotify can address it.  I'm not sure if this is directly addressing your issue, but one frustration is that you can't purchase top-ups in the app — you have to go to the website.  That's not a huge deal but, with today's technology, why can't it be done in-app?


But, more importantly to me is the COST of the top-up.  We're already paying $10.99 for Spotify.  But then to ask for an additional $12.99 is outrageous AND you only give us another 10 hours — for that price it should include WAY more hours.  I would be more than happy to purchase top-up time, but, it should be $10 less.  $2.99 or even $3.99 is fair, not $12.99.  I agree with you Clabruno, I might as well have purchased the audiobook directly.  Spotify, I think you'll have a lot more people being less upset if you drop the price of the top-up.  Looking around the net, this seems to be a common issue that has been frustrating to quite a number of users.

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