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I can't get access to my artist profile

I can't get access to my artist profile

Hello, i been trying to claim my artist profile on Spotify multiple times, first i got an e-mail saying that i need to send my URIs codes because it might have releases under other names, i sent the URIs, but then, i got an e-mail saying that "It looks like we were unable to prove a connection between your Twitter and Instagram and your Spotify artist profile. The artist Twitter and Instagram accounts play a big role in helping us verify that you're either the artist or a member of their management team."
In my twitter and instagram you can clearly see that it's me who is claiming the rofile, there's a lot of pictures and info about the events that i got to play, there's even sneek peaks of the tracks that i'm about to release, so i don't understand what's the problem.

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Hi there 


I am so sorry that sounds like a pain. Have you tried contacting the service team or checking to see if there are any solutions to this problam already on the fourm.

I also might try copying the url again or creating a new artist account if it is not too hard for you. 


I really hope this helps

Please like I just became rising star

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