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SOJA Strength To Survive Album

SOJA Strength To Survive Album

The Soja Strength To Survive Album is messed up with several songs. When you click play on a few of the songs, it plays a different song completely. The Album from 2012 with 13 songs. When you click play on "It's Not Too Late" it plays "Don't Worry", "Gone Today" doesn't play that track even though the name pops up in the bottom left corner of the desktop app, "Let You Go" plays "Gone Today", "Everything Changes" plays "Let You Go". Just something I noticed. How would I contact Spotify to have it fixed?

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This is still a problem. Specially because the album we see on spotify is not even the real album but a playlist of some of the songs in the album. The album "Strenght to Survive" used to be completely accesible on spotify at about a year ago. Does anyone know what happened? did the artist themselves take the album out of spotify?

any updates? 

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