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If That Ain't Country by David Allen Coe

If That Ain't Country by David Allen Coe

I am a premium user and have been for years. One of my favorite songs on my playlist is "If That Ain't Country" by David Allen Coe. The song was recently removed for obvious reasons. After the mainstream attention on Morgan Wallen for saying the n word (who cares? he was drunk and not using it in a derogatory way towards anyone) there is more attention on the topic. David Allen Coe uses a hard r in his song "If That Ain't Country". But why take it down now? This song has been known about and controversial for years. Its despicable that spotify would take this song down now only after it's a trending subject. 


Furthermore, if you actually listen to and know the history of the song, you would know that he wrote that song about his father. He uses the n word once and not in a way that puts down anyone. (Apparently the use of the word is actually a side jab at someone who used that word talking about Coe's Family but I don't know for sure). "If That Ain't Country" is a good song and the live versions and substitutes that spotify has put on their platform in it's place just won't do.


There are hundreds of thousands of explicit songs and songs that use the n word on your platform and none of them are being taken down. Coe does not use the n word in a way that is hateful, racist, violent or derogatory towards anyone. Nobody is using that song to make hate speech or any of that disgusting **bleep**. Allow the song to be played again. Let the people who want to listen to it be able to. It's a good song that I enjoy and lots of other people feel the same way as me.

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Sometimes missing music is removed due to rights issues (linked here: If the reality is that Spotify has removed the song due to its content, it is likely due to a large number of Spotify users reporting the song for this reason whereas other songs may not have been reported for their controversial content.


I'm sorry the platform has removed a song you enjoy! 

I understand, but what a coincidence that this song suddenly disappeared around the time that Morgan Wallen was all over the music industry news for using that word. Also if it was a licensing issue, it wouldn’t be just one song. It would be the whole album, much less would it be such a controversial song alone. Too much of a coincidence for it to be music rights. There’s no reason for the song to be taken down and it’s unjust

I think it's stupid I literally was just looking for that song and of course Spotify took it down. Music is music. If you've had the song up for years now, what difference does it make? Spotify needs to stop trying to be a super political platform and just exist for the main reason it was created: to listen to music.

They took it down again and teased them. The unedited version is impossible to find.

Total **bleep**, Spotify either needs to remove every song on the platform with the N word or let the people choose for themselves, while you’re at it go ahead and remove every song that uses derogatory language towards any race, religion or gender. I’m sick of corporate pansies that bend over because a handful of internet trolls complain about political correctness.

I just noticed the song was gone from my Country playlist. No one listens to this song for the 'N' word. I highly doubt that anyone who listens to DAC hangs on his every word until they hear the hard 'r.' I find it mind-numbing that the same people who go on these psychotic verbal benders about all-inclusive diversity and acceptance fail to realize that they have become the bullies they accuse everyone else of being. I guess artistic freedom of expression only applies if you are on the side of the willfully ignorant hypocritical activists. I'm getting an MP3 player, a 100 disc CD changer, and a flip phone.

I agree. I'm a liberal too. I think they've gone too far. It's frustrating. And you're right about the live versions and substitutes. They all SUCK compared to the studio version. **bleep** the whole album is missing. DAVID ALLEN COE MUST RIDE AGAIN!


They take down David Alan Coe for using the N word one time but leave all the other thousands of rap songs that use it? Makes a lot or sense (sarcasm) Bob Dylans hurricane is still up so why single out David Alan coe?

What I'm confused about it the fact that there are several covers by other artists currently on Spotify, that use the original lyrics. No censorship for those versions, just the David Allan Coe version. Hypocrisy knows know bounds I reckon. 

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