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Incorrect track info - "Liquid Love"

Incorrect track info - "Liquid Love"

Hey everyone!

Yesterday on Spotify it was uploaded a new album called "Best of Fest, Il meglio della rete dei Festival 2015: MEI - Spaghetti Challenge" with 33 indie tracks. Among those songs there's "Liquid Love" by Indigo, my alternative rock band (I'm the lead vocalist) but there's a metadata error. By clicking on Indigo it appears the artist page of the bolivian band with the same name and not the page of my band (which still does not exist, since "Liquid Love" it's our first song on Spotify). I already sent an alert to the Spotify team, but I didn't receive any answer. How can I solve this error? Should I create a new account for my band?


Anyway this is the link of the track:

The bolivian band linked to the song it's this one:

But this is the page of our band:



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