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Is there anyway to know how long a Track will be available ?

Is there anyway to know how long a Track will be available ?







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Windows 10


My Question or Issue

A track I recently added to my songs turned gray
 either today or yesterday which left me a bit frustrated because I had just days earlier purchased premium for the first time. What I don't understand is why a brand new track would be removed in under a year after it being added to spotify. Does Spotify really purchase album/track licenses for such short durations such as 6 months ? My Other question is regarding whether I have anyway to know when a song will be removed ? As I mostly listen to japanese music I am sort of used to seeing tracks/albums turning gray and never being able to hear the music again, but it would be nice if I knew when it would happen. This time just really surprised me though since it was such a new song.

Track/Album: Bon Appétit♡S
Artist : Blend-A


I just realized another two songs from a different artist were removed at the same time. Now i'm just straight depressed.

both Sweets Parade and Renai Circulation by Kana Hanazawa have turned gray as well. 😞

2 Replies

I saw this too. I would at least like an explanation as to why they just take music down...the whole not-knowing why a song I love is just suddenly gone is infuriating.

Taking music down from DSP is no easy task and not suggested by many DSP's. It must have a business case reason behind it. Your best bet is to ask the artist or the label. The reason may be confidential so Spotify probably will not be answering you.

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