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Japanese music

Japanese music



It's my very first post here but since I'm a Premium user and a huge j-pop/j-R&B fan, I would like to know if you are perhaps considering to add some or most of these author's songs:


- Utada Hikaru: There are some musicbox versions, but not original versions.

- Amuro Namie: none available sang originally by her

- YUI: I'm not sure if the author named yui available in Spotify is the same as the one I'm referring to. Anyway, it woult be great to have songs such as Again, Feel My Soul, Goodbye Days, ...

- Nishino Kana: only one song is available. But songs such as If, I'll Be There, and songs featuring her (performed by WISE or NERDHEAD, for example)

- Hamasaki Ayumi. Only one song, and the rest all karaoke versions.

- Openings and endings from famous anime, such as Naruto. There are some specific songs available, but not all of them.

- Do as Infinity. Only one song which is originally performed by them, and it's only a karaoke version.

- Aoyama Thelma. I can't even find her!

- Kuroki Meisa. Again, I can't find her!

- Ito Yuna. There is  no way to find her.

- Denda Mao

- AZU. Only one song available in Spain???

- Hiromi (宏実). I found another artist in her name, but it is not what I'm looking for, since she performs basically Jazz.

- Shimokawa Mikuni. 

- BENI (安良城 紅).

- BoA (권보아). She is korean, but sings in japanese and english too.

- Sugawara Sayuri.

- Aiuchi RIna

- Zard

- Hirahara Ayaka.

- Kuraki Mai

- Aki Angela.



- Koda Kumi


Please, could you tell us if you are going to add more japanese songs or if there is some kind of a problem? It would be really cool if you could.


Thank you.


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Susumu Hirasawa

Susumu Yokota

Maximum the Hormone



Just more J-rock/pop in general!


A lot of these artists may not have a distributor or a record deal in the countries where Spotify is currently available, so working out deals with these artists is currently a little difficult if they have no method of being released in a certain market, but we're always looking into new record labels and how they can get their music on the service. Personally I'd love to hear Osc-Dis by Mad Capsule Markets again...

Airhorn Enthusiast

iTunes sells music from Mucc and girugamesh which is not on spotify, plus now I cant listen to them on spotify since all my m4a files for some reason no longer work.

@skwid79 wrote:

iTunes sells music from Mucc and girugamesh which is not on spotify, plus now I cant listen to them on spotify since all my m4a files for some reason no longer work.

You might want to try installing the latest version of Quicktime - We have seen that getting m4a tracks playing just fine in Spotify. 

Airhorn Enthusiast

Add me to those that would be very happy if Jpop and anime music could be added to Spotify.

Hi there,


first +1 

second some artists i would like to add:



T.M. Revolution (just one album available so far 😕 )

Loudness (some albums still are missing)

Mari Iijima

Nami Tamaki

... (will be added if I could remember the artist names^^)



Sorry for being a necro, but



Adding some Scandal, Dir en Grey, and SKE48 would be awesome!


(note: the scadal listed when searching is not the japanese band >.<)

I would Really Love to See Funkist on that list to!

I fully support this idea.


The major publisher is Sony Music Entertainment Japan, so I'd say this isn't an unfamiliar name...

To keep the topic alive i'll sugest more bands:

- Siam Shade
- Luna Sea
- Janne Da Arc
- Plastic Tree

- Penicillin
- Judy and Mary

- Dir en Grey

- Bleach03

- Orange Range
- Scandal

- Sambomaster
- Galileo Galilei

- the band apart

- Jinn
- Negoto
- L'arc en Ciel
- Ling Tosite Sigure
- NICO Touches the Wall
- 385
- The Pillows
- Pizzicato Five
- Asian Kung-fu Generation
- Mucc
- té

- Toe

- Mouse on the Keys
- PianojaC
- X-Japan
- Yura Yura Teikoku
- Chirinuruwowaka
- Midori
- Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

- Morning Musume
- Megumi Hayashibara
- Hitomi Takahashi
- Alice Nine
- Maximum The Hormone
- GO! GO! 7188's

.. and many many more

Then i'll pay the premium account 🙂


First of all. Why did Spotify remove FLOW? Their album Microcosm and especially the song Calling are amazingly good!


Second. Even if you don't have a contract with a group's/artist's music label, is it still possible that you have an album from a different label? I don't know how the music businnes work, but for example:


Susumu Hirasawa is labeled with Green Nerve(?). One of his soundtrack for the Berserk anime is labeled/released from VAP, Inc(?). Is it possible for you to get VAP, Inc on a contract and have the Berserk album only?


With VAP, Inc you would also get artists and groups like:


  • Coldrain
  • Girls on the run
  • Aya Hisakawa
  • Last Alliance
  • Pay Money To My Pain

If you’ve ever wanted to see something that looked like the love child of Dave Matthews meeting Lady Gaga look no further. Check out the latest video “Liberty & Gravity” by Japanese band QURULI (which means “to transform”) and watch a transformation right before your eyes.

Rise As God


You cannot explain japanese music without knowing Tohoshinki


Here is the wikipedia page:


Here is the video that makes you realize how legendary this group has been in Japan:


and Here is TVXQ!'s latest MV.


Rise As One:


I'd like to see Kana-Boon and Sukima Switch with all their latest songs.

Has any of these songs been added to spotify???????

Hello I really want to here yui yoshioka's song I love it but it impossible to hear it on spotify and the author artist that have been say by the other people but yui is my prefer one !!!!!

Yes, please add more Japanese artist/songs on Spotify. Aside from Anime OSTs I hope they will add JDorama OSTs too. 

Here is new Japanese Music Video

mezcolanza is very cool band!


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