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John Powell's albums missing?

John Powell's albums missing?

Hi, it seems that I can't listen to a  few albums by John Powell such as Kung Fu Panda 2 OST or even How to train your dragons anymore . I'm a French listener, and I am worrying about it ; does this have a link with label matters or is it a simple technical problem? Those albums are so beautiful, it would sadden me if they had to disappear...              

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I have the same trouble! Can anyone explain

I asked Varese Sarabande. They responded very quickly: It's temporary due to a distribution change in Europe with Colleseum. Things should be back up within the next few weeks or a month.

Thank you very much, that's a big relief ! It seems the problem doesn't only affect John Powell but also James Newton Howard or Patrick Doyle's albums..

That's good to hear! They're not up yet, though.
Does anyone know why Sony put down Angels & Demons except for 503 recently?

they are not yet  😕

I'm still waiting too. I think it will help to let Varese Sarabande know
that you are missing soundtracks on spotify. The more people asking about
it the better.


It seems like they took it down a week ago again in Canada

They put it on again after a month and at September 1st, 2016...

Face off John Powell needed 😎


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