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K-pop missing

K-pop missing

Recently (last two weeks or so) so many k-pop tracks have been completely removed from Spotify. T-ara, Girls Generation etc. I'm guessing this the result of licence grudge with the record labels. I subscribe to Spotify largely because of their initial great coverage on k-pop, so I hope this is resolved as soon as possible.


Anyone else affected is welcome to /sign to raise awareness 🙂


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I'v noticed a lot of music been removed from Spotify in the past 6 months. Some playlists have only 5 songs out of 30 that are playable. So this isn't just happening to K-POP / J-POP.

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my kpop playlist is dead ;_;



what happened? i can't believe I'm paying the same amount of the fee when my music was taken away!

I'm so disappointed in Spotify!


SMTOWN had many popular was K-POP from SM entertainment

and it's a shame that they took it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've been trying to find the song "Gee" by Girls Generation, but all I can find is the Japanese version, not the original Korean version. I am on an Australian account. Why can't we just have access to both?

Hey @nafishaider

The track you're looking for is available in Australia. If it helps, here's the track URI: 



@Mary_Jay wrote:

Hey @nafishaider

The track you're looking for is available in Australia. If it helps, here's the track URI: 



Thanks, but that just takes me to the Japanese version of the song. I'm looking for the Korean version.


The one I'm looking for starts by saying "Neomuneomu meotjyeo nuni nuni busyeo".


But the one I get starts by saying "Yamechae isso yana koto nante".


Hmmm..let me take a closer look into this for you. 

@Mary_Jay wrote:


Hmmm..let me take a closer look into this for you. 

I found the Album I'm looking for, but all the songs are grayed out.. can't play any of them 😞




Thanks for that.


It's possible it's no longer available in your region, that's why it's greyed out.


Can you please provide me the album's URI and I can confirm this for you?

I've been trying to find all the albums of snsd in spotify but i cant find anything. Even the japanese album of them

It's probably due to licensing. Also a lot of k-pop songs are region locked like most JYP songs are only able to be listened in asia.

i agree!! 

most of old snsd songs arent there and jyp songs arent there either unless they’re really old or covers.

spotify please fix this!!

YES! I´m not really into K-Pop that much (only liked Ko Ko Bop by EXO because a friend showed it to me) but my sister finally got me into it. I was about to save "Gee" by Girls Generation (god do i LOVE that song) just to notice that i wasn´t available. Come on, Spotify! I need my cute Korean songs on the go!

A lot of kpop songs have been removed. One of my favourite songs, Oh!, by Girls’ Generation, I can’t even find! Disappointed. 

Welcome to the Spotify Community, everyone!


Spotify's got a dedicated team for getting content on Spotify, but sometimes it isn't always possible! Rest assured they're working to get all your favourite tunes available to stream! Find out more info here: 🙂



I saved Fantastic baby to my songs and found out that it changed to the japaniese version. The korean version of that song is still on Spotify when I searched it, but why did the song I saved change language?

Get back SNSD music right now!!!


Most of the jypentertainment songs are missing too.


Some days ago I heard Hellevator of Stray Kids and now it's missing. 

Songs of Twice and Got7 are missing too.

I have the same problem. One of my favourite songs No love-Lucky J is gone but the album is still there. Some other songs have also turned japanese from korean (Lucifer for example).

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