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Hi. First of all some info ...


Every experienced Spotify user knows that Spotify time to time ... hmmm .. ALL the time removes some music from their database. It's so sadly that all the time good OLD music disapeares from my playlists.


Because of that I made special playlist named 'LOST MUSIC' where I add all recently removed compositions. And I should notice it's very long playlist ... (of course all songs there are "grayed")


So. I think it would be useful to inform Spotify staff about this annoing thing, is it?!

I am planning to add all new "losses" to this topic. And of course I urge you to do the same here.



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Current losses list ...


Bert Jansch - L.A. Turnaround (album)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Creedence Clearwater Revival (album)

Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come (album)

John Zorn - Naked City (album)

The Spencer Davis Group - I'm A Man / I Can't Get Enough (single)

Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice (song from OST - no alternatives)


... good luck

Hey there @IvSevort!
The availability of music on Spotify is mainly up to the Record Label or the artist.

Unfortunately, the Record Label or The Artist probably decided to not have their music available for streaming on Spotify. You should try contacting the Record Label, and ask them why that Album/Song isn't on Spotify

Because of copyright reasons or other reasons, again either the artist or Record Label made the decision not to have their music available on Spotify in certain regions (including yours).

If you want more info on this, you can learn more here
Have a nice day! 🙂

Hi here.

"Because of copyright reasons ..." Really? Sure?

Spotify staff are working hard to improve the interface and provide users with more high-quality music. (sarcasm)

As I see and as I know through the recent years Spotify constantly "optimizes" its music base. Optimizing in their manner means removing "duplicated" tracks, removing "similar" albums and collections. And as a result of this "improving" they are crushing the database of old music. Always ... every month ... every day.

I have almost 300 playlists - rock, jazz, classics. And I see what's happening. And HOW it's happening.


... to be continued 🙂


I've had this happen but not very often, just looked at your list and some is actually still available. Perhaps b/c one is a soundtrack by various artists you had trouble finding? link below, hope it helps! 


The Harder They Come

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Lindseyaward, thanks a lot for answering. 

I checked your suggestion and discovered that this album really exists on Spotify but I can't find it through regular search on Spotify app for Windows and the same app for Android. Spotify doesn't show me this album on search results. Also some of tracks are "greyed". I think it's happend because of country restrictions.


Thats why I would like to ask you which country your Spotify account is for? My account is for UK.

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