Manual preference (e.g. location) for Discover Weekly


Manual preference (e.g. location) for Discover Weekly


Hi, I just recently came back from a vacation in Spain, and I noticed that Discover Weekly playlist is totally different from what I get in New York. I really enjoyed the music, which was totally Ibiza/dance like, and I treid to save as much as I can, but one can do only so much. Also, saving albums or songs separately kills the whole experience of having a single playlist. I was wondering if there are options to either: 

1. Save the Discover Weekly playst for a given week as my own playlist OR

2. Provide manul input (override) for the discovery algorithm that would reflect better my preferences (e.g. location), if I want to stick to a specific style or type of songs for a period of time. 

I really miss my last week vacation playst :-( 

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Re: Manual preference (e.g. location) for Discover Weekly

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Hey @milenski


Even if I can't help you recover past Discover Weekly playlists I can recommend you two things you can do, so it won't happen again in the future.


Firstly, open a account. It's a great way to keep track of what you listen in Spotify, and most other music players. You just need to add your account info in the Spotify preferences, and you'll log what you listen to. With this, you'll be able to see what you were listening at any point in time. Very useful!


Also, check or


That way you can save your playlists. :)

Also, if interested, please vote for this idea and post there if you'd like to have the option to like/dislike songs in DW.

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