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May to upload tracks on Spitify if the author of the tracks isn't me?

May to upload tracks on Spitify if the author of the tracks isn't me?

I listen tracks on VK music, Soundcloud and ect that there aren't on Spotify. I would want to see these these tracks on Spotify.

3 Replies

I believe that you would want to try and contact the artist for them to upload to Spotify.  They need their own hand in creating an artist's page.

I contacted one of the artists already, he said he cannot upload some tracks to Spotify because he used sample and acapellas without copyright permission in his tracks. However there are his new tracks on Spotify arleady. But I still sad that I will never see the some favirite tracks on Spotify, it makes me to still listen songs in other music service, ecample VK music.

Hey @Mikhail1998,


You can upload the songs / Albums as local files on Spotify ( only you can listen to them, they will show greyed out for others), but I think you should not upload the Songs / Albums because you do not have the ownership for the Song ( In my Opinion). It would cost a lot of money to clear those samples maybe he just didn't see the value of cleaning them.


Have a nice day ;D


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